Pertronic Heat Detector

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Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:45 am

Do any NZ members know if the Pertronic HDY-V heat detectors are no or nc?
They are made to be connected to a fire alarm panel.
I have tried connecting one to an AAP ESL security panel but the zone is not being triggered when I test the detector, I have selected the right EOL option and have programmed it according to the manual, but it still does not seem to be working.
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Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:36 am

I had a quick look at the datasheet found here: ... (v)_in.pdf
and while I cannot say for sure if the contacts are N/O or N/C, I did note that the spec is a "non-indicating" heat detector which means there's no metal disk that separates when it triggers and no LED that activates, making it hard to determine if the detector has actuated or not. The yellow LED seems to be configured to light in the event the detector is wired incorrectly.
Are you getting any troubles/random alarms on the panel for the zone you've connected the detector to?
If the contacts were N/C, the panel should go into alarm immediately on power up because the detector would be constantly shorting the zone, so I would assume they are N/O. If I had to guess why it isn't working it would be either that you did not apply enough heat for enough time to activate the detector, OR the detector is faulty.
Activation temperature spec is 77C (170F) for your model (HDY-V), which is higher than the 57C (135F) standard or 65C (150F) high temperature detector temperatures commonly used in the US. Not sure how you are testing the device but I'd hazard a guess that a regular hair dryer will not provide enough heat to activate the sensor. You may need a heat gun.
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