120VAC Confusion

So I got a new Faraday 6110(Original version of the Simplex 2901-9838. Difference is that the 2901-9838 is 12VDC but the 6110 is 120VAC).

Since it’s officially my first AC alarm, I’m pretty stumped on how it can be powered. Can you use outlet power? I’ve seen someone work a Simplex 2903+2901-9525 with direct outlet power.
(Federal3t22’s video)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La9wBgB6DX8
So my question is: Can I use outlet power for my Faraday 6110?

The device should have a data plate like the one in the picture below. What does it show as the voltage and hertz?

I have two with an ada strobe, branded with FOS, and they have the same specs. as shown in the picture above.
FOS 6117-N

nice, are any for sale?

There is one for sale on eBay for 195 dollars

Listing? I might buy it

Here it is: Faraday Surface Horn #6110B-0-0-120-60 120V .084 AMP. 60Hz | eBay

oh I was talking about the horn strobe variant

I can’t find the horn strobe variant on eBay. Sorry