18,000 Counterfeit Smoke Detectors in Atlanta

More than 18,000 Counterfeit Smoke Detectors Recalled in Atlanta. Some shady guy sold thousands of units to the Atlanta Fire Department, who then passed them on to the public.


He evidently bought them from China through some site, slapped bogus UL labels on, then gave them to the FD for distribution.
As you can see, they look like the offspring of a BRK 4120 and an older Kidde unit. He’s done it before, as he and his wife served time in prison for selling smoke detectors with counterfeit underwriters laboratories labels to the federal government.

There’s a similar issue going on with conterfeit sprinklers, although not so much in this country as much is it is a problem in China and India.

What a poorly done story. It is missing so many key details and slants the story to point out to whom the detectors were distributed to, poor Atlanta residents. It fails to mention how this seller even got involved with the fire department.
None of the videos are loading past the initial ad so I can not watch them but it seems like a typical half assed report.

All I want to know is…

  1. How the detectors came in to the fire departments possession IE how did this person become involved with the Atlanta Fire dept and how did they get the approval to buy from this person.
  2. What is the FD planning to do to get these detectors back?
  3. Can the people affected receive new detectors?

I don’t care who sold them or what neighborhood they were sold to and I don’t care to listen to peoples opinions… News is such a joke…

I noticed that in the article it said that electrical components are missing from the detectors, I’m wondering if it was the detection unit itself seeing as the Americium would be the most expensive part of the detector, therefore probably the first to be left out.

It’s an ongoing investigation, so more will be posted as it becomes available.

Thanks I am aware of what an ongoing investigation is but that is pretty simple stuff to figure out and they did not even begin to address it in the report.
The investigating agency’s were not even contacted for comment. It is also VERY rare to see a local news group update a story like this.

SHIT reporting.