1930s Lighting Products Exit Sign on Ceiling Fan


That is so funny! A combination of both.

thats pretty smart they should make that a design

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if alex pisocky is on this site, then expect a storm.

i dont think he is atleast i havnt seen him

Lol. All of his videos are about how you shouldn’t tamper with fire alarms. I mean you’re not supposed to, but we got it the first time

dose he even have any fire alarms

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i believe you are mistaken. his videos do not convey the message of “do not tamper with fire alarms”, they convey the message of “DO NOT TAMPER WITH FIRE ALARMS”.

One simplex 4903. Not sure if he set it off.

at least, that’s all he ever shows.

Anywayyy, back on topic…

i find it hilarious on how the topic went dead for eighteen days when you said to get back on topic.

They should totally make an exhaust fan with a spinning exit sign on it. I would break down laughing instead of evacuating. It also needs to make a loud buzzing and crackling sound.

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So my question is, is this just a cover that you can put over light bulbs?

Basically yes. It’s a glass globe that you put over globe light sockets.

Now here’s the next question: is it still made?

He has one 4903 and a remote strobe