1990s Wheelock Promotional Video

In this 2014 The Schumin Web post Ben mentions a “1990s-era Wheelock promotional video”. Does anyone know what he’s talking about or have a link to it?

The only fire alarm promotional videos I have seen were some put out by est a long time ago.

Are you referring to the ones that a fellow by the name of “Brent Wilkins” uploaded? (& then deleted)

Yea he had some videos about the genesis series and the signature series but he deleted them. I don’t know why, probably because of copyright issues

I know why: because a number of enthusiasts were asking about an “EST theme” he used in one of the videos, & for whatever reason he overreacted & deleted every single video in response.

Enough about that though: do you have any answers related to the subject I created this topic about?

No I don’t have any info about a 90,s wheelock videos

You could leave a comment on the post asking Ben if he has a link or copy

Never really thought to do that (maybe because I thought I’d have to get an account of some kind to comment even though upon further inspection you can sign in with your existing accounts). I don’t know though…(especially as it’s been at least 8 years since he made that post. He may not even remember it anymore)