2-stage Gamewell Century


Wow, never knew such a device existed!‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


Me neither, but I had to buy it when I saw it on eBay. Its design is much better than the M69 in my opinion

Wow that is a rare device, how much was it on ebay

It was $115. A big purchase, but it was worth it to meep it from scalpers

Did you mean scrapers, and I am kind of surprised how expensive gamewell century’s are

No, I meant scalpers. The scum that buy stuff and turn right around and sell them at an obscene markup. And yeah, Century’s are pretty expensive given how uncommon they are and that they’ve been discontinued for a while

You sure they are? While I can’t find evidence of them on the current Gamewell-FCI website, I know they were still listed on the previous version of the site.

Not uncommon as in there wasn’t a lot in the field, but uncommon out of buildings. It seems that there weren’t many removed. Another thing to keep in mind is that Gamewell also produced and still does produce Masterboxes, which have a collector’s community as well, which probably contributes to the raised price by name association. But I’m not an expert on economics, so what do I know

No: what I mean is that you say they’re discontinued, yet they were still listed on the previous version of the Gamewell-FCI website even if they don’t seem to be on the current version.

They appear to have been discontinued sometime between April 10 2009 and April 4 2010 where they were on the legacy devices list and disappeared from the conventional devices list that same year

Weird then if you ask me considering that I think they were still on said conventional devices list right up until the website’s recent revamp (at least that’s what I recall seeing).

Yea I want a century to add to my collection , but I all ready have Enough
Devices in my eBay shopping cart that I plan to buy with my birthday money i will get in November

I think the model of this station is m46-30