2001 OP/SP Card

Hi ya’ll. I’ve recently started to get my 2001 project going. I’ve had the panel for the past 3 years and have never ordered the cards for it (it never came with them - or the card frame) until now. I just got the main control card and dual signal card and am about to order the zone cards and marchtime card this week. My panel has the AC signal circuit module in it as well to drive AC bells and horns and is supposed to have an OP/SP card in it. My question is the OP/SP card absolutely necessary for the operation of the panel or can it function without it? Those OP/SP cards are kind of hard to find, and when you do find them, they’re come at a steep price. If I can go without spending over $100 on an OP/SP card I’ll be pretty happy.

The OP/SP card appears to monitor the Operating power (OP) and standby power (SP) and illuminate either light when the respective power source is in trouble (e.g. SP trouble will illuminate if there are no batteries installed or if the batteries are depleted). From what I can gather, the card isn’t explicitly required for a 2001 system to function (the main control card is), so I believe you’d be in the clear, at least if you wanted to try DC signals.

Edit: My source for this was a piece of troubleshooting documentation that details a common fix on systems with an OP/SP card. I was able to gather enough from the context in the documentation to extrapolate what the OP/SP card does.

Robert is correct. The OP/SP card was made to put into a system replacing an older AC system that did not use batteries. The panel receives a normal source of AC power (Operating Power) and a second source of AC power (Supervisory Power). If the operating power fails the second power source will ring a piezo and light an LED to signal that. If the supervisory power fails the normal operating power will activate a trouble.

An OP/SP module is not needed to operate the AC series NAC. The interface and control of the series AC NAC is all DC signals. Only the part of the module directly concerned with the adjustable transformer is 120 VAC,

I know this is a bit of a bump, but I have some questions of my own about the OP/SP card.

I am re-configuring my 2001 and would like some more information about getting an OP/SP card properly working in a system. Here is some info about the system, single row, 2001-8021 motherboard. 2001-1007 control card, 4 zones (2 double cards), 4 DC signal circuits (also 2 doubles), march time, city. I have the schematics and pinouts for this card, but I couldn’t find any information on how one is installed in a system. Below are my questions.

Is the OP/SP card compatible with this motherboard?

Does it monitor a secondary power supply or does the supervisory power to the system come from this card directly?

Is there any documentation on how one is properly configured? (This would pretty much answer the questions above.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, I may be able to help you with this since I have actually gotten ahold of an OP/SP card and configured it since my last post in this thread. But I do have some questions first. Are you adding the OP/SP card to support AC signals/monitor a secondary power source? If you are just intending on configuring your 2001 to support AC signals for a demo system, then the OP/SP card is not required unless you plan on using a secondary 120V AC power source.

The system will have DC signal circuits. I’m planning to have 2 120VAC power sources for this demo system.

Ok, this should be really easy to configure then. So, the OP/SP card will always go on the last far right card slot on repack 2001’s like ours. There is only one jumper connection that needs to be made on the motherboard to support this card, and it’s pretty simple. If you look to the far right of the board, there are some pins labeled with numbers where the jumper wires connect to. You will need to run a jumper wire between the bottom pad of pin 102 to the top pad of pin 100. That is all you have to do to set up the OP/SP card as far as I know, at least that’s how it is on mine in particular. Let me know if you have anymore questions at all, I’'d be happy to help the best I can. I hope this helps.

Does your panel still operate when only powered by your SP power source? I only get an OP trouble when only powered by SP, no power is supplied to the panel. Is there supposed to be any other connection between the card and the panel?

As far as I am aware, there are no other connections that need to be made between the OP/SP card slot and other card slots on the motherboard itself. Is it possible that your issue is resulting from connecting the power to the SP source instead of the OP (operating power) source? Are you connecting power to the main AC terminal block in the top right of the panel?

I’ll DM you.