2099 vs 4099 t-bars

Is there any difference between Simplex’s 2099-series t-bars & their 4099-series t-bars? My only guess is that one works with IDNET & the other with MAPNET. (the addressable variants anyway) In addition, which came out first? (unless they both did at the same time)

You are correct there. The 2099 Series is also the only series that comes in conventional.

Interestingly enough, this PDF: IDNet or MAPNET II Communicating Devices Addressable Manual Stations (simplex-fire.com) claims that Simplex’s newest 4099-series t-bars (the ones with the LED) can be used with either MAPNET II OR IDNet!

Also when it comes to 2099 vs 4099, which is the IDNet series & which is the MAPNET series? As for when each came out, I assume that whichever series used MAPNET came out first since MAPNET came before IDNet, & thus the IDNet series of t-bars came out after the MAPNET ones.

4099’s are compatible with both IDNet and Mapnet.

Addressable 2099’s are Mapnet only and were discontinued in 1998.

Ah, I see. Nice to know Simplex’s taking backwards-compatibleness into account, if you ask me that should be the focus of any product designed to succeed another.

2099’s are conventional, 4099’s are addressable.

Nowdays they are, according to randomperson there were also addressable 2099s, but those were discontinued in 1998.

The addressable 2099’s only support MAPNET (used by the 2120, 4100, and 4120), 4099’s also support IDNet (used by the 4007ES, 4008, 4010/ES and 4100U/ES).

Makes sense since pretty much all of those panels came out after MAPNET had been replaced by IDNet.