2825 lamp question

Hello, I am making my own 2903 light plate. I need bulbs for it. I am looking at the 2825 long life lamps however they are rated for 12v. What would happen if I applied 24v to it? Would it immediately burn out or would it just not last very long? Does anyone know of any 24v wedge style incandescent lamps that are cheap and easily available? Thanks!

According to this post from 2020 the most likely bulb that the 2903 uses is one called the “1829”.

Yes, however I am making my own 2903 I was just going to use the simplex bulbs but I couldn’t find the holder/socket for them so I have to use slightly different bulbs.

Couldn’t you find a socket that’s similar to the one on actual 2903s & that’ll work with the bulb I suggested?

What bulb socket does it require?

That I don’t know, maybe someone else could tell you though.