2Gig GC2 Telephone Programming Software

Hi all,
I’ve seen mentions in the GC2 programming manual about telephone programming. However, I’ve seen no mentions of this anywhere else. Does anyone know where 2Gig stores the POTS programming software?

Gonna need a few more details here I think… What model number device are you looking to attach POTS to? I think (could be wrong) that the GC2 is only the radio itself.

Essentially, what I’m looking to find is the software that the central station uses to communicate with the 2GIG GC-POTS unit, as well as the 2GIG Go!Bridge. I’m sure it’s somewhere, but I cannot find any reference to it online.

Got it… Unfortunately I’m not too well versed with 2Gig, but I’ll dig around to see if I find anything!