3 reason about the SpectrAlert Advance

3 reasons why you love/dislike the SpectrAlert Advance. I will go first.

  1. Has 2 coding options
  2. Comes in a chime version & apartment version.
  3. I love the high volume makes me wanna rip it out of the wall and keep it.

1.) Interesting sound, pulses quickly between two frequencies.

2.) They look nice, especially the white ones.

3.) Awesome strobe, up to 115CD I believe? All devices are multi-candela which is nice.

What I hate:

4.) The mounting plate! Ugh, it’s so tedious, whenever I install my Advance Speaker-strobe, I think I’m going to snap it in half. Oh well…


It’s a horn/strobe.

He has a disability…

Sorry for playing along…