4007es CLI Command Help

Hello, as a last ditch for my 4007es (Enthusiast, noit a live system), I have made a serial cable and got in to the command line, my ES screen is stuck on looking for bootloader and it will not load out of recovery mode, I am wondering if it is possible to via cmd line delete and transfer files from the usb via cli.

Any advice on the cmds to run is appreciated.

On the folder that i shared there is the programmer installer, in it there is some utilities to restore firmware files to try to fix it. Unfortunately, these 4007es are fragile and there is a chance that it is bricked beyond repair.

are you able to point me to the utilities I would use?

You can try ip file transfer first and try to push a new build on 6.04.02. Make sure to transfer cpuboot/es and config first through the CFIG and all execs otherwise it will send the config by itself on the wrong panel cpuboot/es revision.

that fails as the eth port isnt active unless I seem to be trying to load over TFTP or NFS etc, even then the ip transfer util wont connect, would I be able to just push the conifg and such thru tftp?
If i try the USBBOOT command it seems to complain about something related to max bit or packet size?

the ip should be if connecting directly through an automatic dhcp client computer. Sometimes you need to press the network selection button and manually connect to the one that appears. If not you can try to send bin files manually through the serial file transfer utility one for cpubootloader, then es 6.04.02 and finally some homemade 4007 build(make sure it’s the right type as there is one idnac version and one hybrid version with conventional signaling.

you might be able to pull the existing config through the upload tab, open it in the programmer/upgrade and push it back.

IP is set static on my pc to mask as it was not handing out dhcp
Confirmed that the panel IP is via the console port.

I will try a serial file transfer in a few.

stuck at looking for master,
gonna assume this is bricked, unless any other suggestions,

You can also try to prepare a usb drive and reboot the panel. Might work

USB fails as well
I have one more thing i might try before calling it time of death.

Sorry, some batches of the 4007ES are very fragile and brick easily. 4010ES are a lot more durable but some have components that fail, 4100ES is the most rugged so far in my experience.

I would not buy a 4007ES on ebay, unless the seller has a good policy on DOA issues/warranty.

this one has changed hands a few times, thank you for the help!

So it appears the only issue remaining is “/home/tyco/admin/RevControl/RevRequest.dat not found!”… i need to get that on the panel and i should be golden?

Well if you can manage to flash ES and cpu boot that should fix this.

i think thats do-able… ill just have to pickup a new tool.