4040 and an Advance in a parking garage

I was at a parking garage, and what did I see?

A 4040, and an Advance!

for some reason the image got rotated…

I would say the 4040 looks cool, but I wonder why they would put an advance to the side?

Neat. Perhaps the 4040 is disconnected & the Advance replaced it; they just might not have bothered to take down the 4040.

Do you know if it’s a 4040 specifically? Most Simplex 4000-series horns look the same from the outside.

I could tell it was, there was a round projector (or whatever it is called)

Round projector? The single & dual projectors used with Simplex’s 4000-series horns are both squarish in shape.

i was meaning the disc doohicket.

I’m fairly certain that 3 of the models in Simplex’s 4000-series of mechanical horns; the 4040, the 4050, & the 4051, all use that same round plate behind the grille.

Incorrect, see my posts in the UMass Boston topic.

Oh, really? The 4051 doesn’t have it? Honestly thought it did (would be interesting to know why Simplex (or maybe Faraday if they’re the original makers of it) decided to get rid of it on that model). Apparently the 4050 doesn’t have it either, so I guess you’re right; it is a 4040.

4050 and 4051 look the same on the outside.

Mhm, they do, meaning the only ways you can tell them apart are by looking at the label or hearing it go off.