4100 Messages List

Does anyone have the list of messages available for the 4100 either U or ES? I ran across a really old document that list them, but there were very few at that time. I see that Destin had a database of them, but it’s no longer accessible to new members. I would like to look them over for use in a private school for means other than fire.

There are only a few 4100 audio message sets that are considered standard that a Simplex tech can download.

There is a big library of archived custom messages that can be ordered. JCI/SG has a searchable database that Simplex personnel can access to find out if there is an existing custom message set that meets your needs.

If there is not a message that fits your situation custom messages can be ordered from transcript. Those will be professionally recorded for the site and will be added to the archived database.

In some cases a customer wants one of their personnel’s voice on the system. Custom messages can be ordered from recording. There are specific quality requirements and audio file format that must be used. A Simplex office can provide that information.

Perfect. Thanks for the info.

Interesting… This might come off as a stupid question but are you familiar with who they use to record the messages? It seems as if whoever the voice is, it hasn’t seemed to have changed over the years.

Also, to the OP: I am a member of Destin’s site, so if you are looking for anything in particular, PM or email me and we can check it out.

A long time ago I was told that the messages were recorded by a company that produced commercials for radio stations, did TV voice over work, and other audio services.

Well whoever these people are, they must be really good and take excellent care of their vocal cords since they all do sound the same from the first time they recorded to recently.

The spoken word part of the messages were recorded complete for 2001/2120 audio because the system played the voice section from a tape. The original audio was recorded to a little tape cartridge for the player in the systems. The standard messages were recorded multiple times from the master so there would be tapes in stock for new systems and service replacements. A new tape was only recorded for custom messages on a per system basis.

When 4100 audio came out around 1990 I think the messages were redone because they went into the chips for the 4100 audio controller board as a set of individual phrases that were spliced together to make the complete message. Once the phrases were recorded and digitized all that was needed was to reproduce the set of chips. The standard messages were not separately recorded for each system. The actual voice for messages would be exactly the same for all 4100/4100+ systems using the standard message chipset from 1990 to 2001 when the 4100U was released. New messages were only recorded when a new custom message was needed.

When the 4100U was released the tones were updated but I think the same analog voice recordings were digitized again for the 4100U audio file format. I say that because the phrases in the message editor are exactly the same as the original 1990 phrase set. The 4100ES uses the same audio controller boards as the 4100U. So the voice portion of a 4100ES standard message set probably is the same voice recording as used in a 4100 Classic in 1990.

The only real comparison of the voice can be made by comparing one of the messages recorded in 1990 to a brand new custom message recorded in 2018.

Oh so instead of them remaking the same message every new year, its just copied over from the first time they did the message. That makes a lot more sense.

Thanks. PM sent.