(4100ES IDNAC Voice) Fire Drill Today

We had a fire drill today. The system is a 4100es idnac voice system. The video will be published tonight and added here when it is

Update: Video is now public:
Link to the video on YT

I’ve seen a video with a 4100es with a “Voice system” and I thought that meant that the alarm tells you to leave the building when it goes off. Like an automated voice that says please evacuate. Sadly it’s just a regular alarm:

Is it default just a normal alarm and the voice comes as an option? Either that or I’m missing the point.

Messages/tones depend on how the system is programmed. Simplex panels in particular are very customizable when it comes to audio/voice programming, and depending on different functions, a different message/tone can be played.

Sometimes voice systems are installed but only set to play a tone. I’ve seen systems just playing the Simplex slow whoop. This could be the preference of the building owner, AHJ, or simply because voice was not desired at the time but the owner wanted the capability for future expansion needs.