4312-16 annunciator

Had a service call on a 4312-12 yesterday. Still in service at a senior’s living!
There is a small relay in the middle that has melted, shorted.
It is marked with the letter S next to it. I would guess that is a supervisory relay.
The main panel, 4246-4 has trouble light on. The alarm box circuit has an open S1/S2 circuit. I can get the trouble to clear by manually closing the contacts on the relay in the annunciator.
I would guess I would need a replacement relay.
Any suggestions on how to make a repair?
Is there a newer, cube relay that will work.

Also at the 4246, the silence key switch when turned, rings all the bells. Is this normal? Is it a drill switch? I thought with a trouble on the panel, the local trouble bell would activate, and I could silence it. The small bell isn’t

Yes, they have no funds to upgrade the system. Usual story.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Fire Alarm Sam

I would donate the system to a fire museum when the building owner has the funding for a new system! This sounds like a really rare system!

Old school fire alarms happens to know a lot about these systems. You should contact him about the relay.