6160rf panic buttons

On most alarm keypads there are panic buttons and mine does.

On my 6160rf the panics don’t work.


Police, goes into fault

Fire, does nothing

Does anyone know how to make the panics work.

Well, I have some experience with these types of systems. First of all, what security panel are you using? The crazier Vista series panels (like the 128iP) needs the keypads to have addresses. The more simpler systems such as the 10SE need the keypad to be set to address 31 (non-addressable code, default.) I’d also check your wiring to the RF system, as that’s also a common problem. Hope this helped you! Good luck! :smiley:

i know the wiring is correct and the panel im using is a vista 20p

So, what I’m hearing is the LCD works just fine, but the panic buttons don’t work as intended?

I would try:

a. Reprogramming the panic zones;

b. Replacing the keypad, or;

c. Re-addressing the keypad.

i was told once that the panic buttons wont work until some thing that idk of is programmed in (the buttons are programmed)

So just the panic buttons don’t work?

It may be *56/57 programming that you need to look at.

ok thanks i asked FireAlarm9200 and it turns out zone 95 (fire panic) is auto disabled so i set it as fire and zone 99 ( police panic) is auto set to 24hr silent alarm so i made it type 07 (audible). Thanks anyway