A brand new trouble at Springfield community center!

Today, at the Springfield community center, (Springfield, Vermont) the FCi FC72 panel has a trouble for the main floor zone and a system trouble. Looks like probably a false fire alarm that I missed!

The system is the following:

FCi FC72

Wheelock 7002Ts

BG-6 pull stations

Looks like a triggered smoke detector or one of the BG-6s being stubborn.

Saw the trouble lights right before I played pool there.

Sounds like a disabled point in the system. Are they doing any remodeling or construction in that building?

Was the system in alarm? If not, may just be a wiring issue. Most end users don’t realize where the zone disconnect switches are on those panels.

I couldn’t hear any Wheelock 7002Ts honking, thus, I probably missed it.

It’s just down the street from me, to the east and on the same side. And can’t recall hearing the Springfield FD either.

The troubles were gone the last time I was there. Whew!