A*T focus 200p home screen message ?

I have a AT focus 200p panel and am able to get into most of the programming. I can change the groups and points and so on. The one thing that I can’t find is were you can change the default home screen message. The text that is above the focus 200p when the system is armed and normal. Is there a way to change this? Would it be in the hex decimal Programing or am I going over a step. Thanks. If anyone works or has worked with AT and has a hex decimal sheet that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Whoa Wait… you’ve got a Focus and you can program it?

You sir, have something very rare because almost always these things are locked and can’t be programmed.

Yeah. We take a lot of them out and replace with DMP, and yeah they are mostly locked out. This one and a couple others suprising you can change the Programing for the most part like the ID codes, groups/points, relays and communications. But stuff like the home screen and other features I couldn’t get into.