A wall mount wheelock e90?!

I thought that the e90 is a ceiling mount variant of the e70?! Care to explain wheelock?

You can swap the round and square grills back and fourth.

These alarms are actually in the Reagan center in DC. I thought that this was a special installation, because everything there was round. However, I guess they are common elsewhere. Cool!

There’s an E-Z’s in town with wall-mounted E-90s. Since the FIRE lettering is vertical and readable from the side, rather than having to tilt your head, I imagine it’d be okay to install them like that. After all, who’s to say that fire alarms have to be boxy when they’re mounted on the wall?

Me. :lol:

that’s where i went to to go to the restrooms at before the fireworks show in dc. haha. the minute i saw them, i just couldn’t pass the opportunity to grab some photos of the devices! :smiley: btw anybody know what model the remote strobe is? could it be another round RSS or somethin?

What a coincidence! Except I was there 2 years ago.