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Question; can a Wheelock 7002T go from DC to FWR; during a test at my old school, one was sound smooth and then it got raspy/growl and then did a smooth sound a few seconds before turning off. Just weird.

Only possibility I can think of is either a faulty panel, or more likely, a power failure within the building causing the panel to power the devices off of battery power which is filtered for that short period of time. 7002T’s can change sound though, I’ve had it happen to mine before since it’s mechanical.

OK, there was no power failure that day. So it have to be a faulty panel

It could have been the horn itself, mechanical horns don’t sound the same after a while and start to die out. As the operation of the horn is all mechanical, vibrations on a metal plate.

Where can I find a cheap panel that is good? Or can I just use the control board for a panel???

You could use a board.