Absolute units

i want to see the most absurd notification appliances out there.

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Ngl The first device looks pretty cool

Seems like the speakers above can generate lots of bass due to resonation of the extended backboxes…

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like this?

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Ahahaha that’s even more powerful… and probably provides more clarity of voice.

yep. wheelock speakers are pretty clear.

Honeywell makes L-series speakers but in the form of a big square ceiling tile. It doesn’t look anything like the normal L-series speaker strobes commonly found in new building but rather a completely flat and sorta invisable speaker tile. Yes these exist.

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that’s nothing compared to the wheelock S8.

They look like ordinary regular ceiling speakere used in public buildings. Most of them don’t like a fire alarm at all.

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yeah, but they are big.

i just remembered: they are most common with an MCW strobe on them.

That white SpectrAlert abomination… this just symbolizes so well the way fire alarm technicians just pluck out older alarms and put in a SpectrAlert :rofl:. I bet the original alarm there was something like the first image.

that’s not possible. the alarm in the first picture is one horn and one strobe. the second one is two speakers, and warrants a far larger backbox.

Ah, I know. I tried to make a joke out of it, was unsuccessful.

I found it funny, I guess some people don’t get it, lol.

Noticed a Wheelock 7002T/BG-10 system in a building I visit every now and then replaced with BG-12s and P2RLs recently… made me think of this. Or how my school replaced a faulty FCI MS-2 pull station with a BG-12.

That is soooo true, that’s why there is not a whole lot of old/rare fire alarm devices on ebay

Definitely true with any light plate. Only that they take out the horn and keep the light plate intact.

If the strobe still works, i don’t know why they don’t just replace the horn, while it would look a little strange, it is Better than a fire alarm on top of a fire alarm.

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