Adding NAPCO Starlink Communicator for Simplex 4005

Hi All-

I have been requested to hook up a NAPCO Starlink Dialer to an existing Simplex 4005 at a church building.

The Panel is currently local alarm only, so it is not connected to any phone lines and monitored by any services. It does have the 4005-9810 DACT Card installed on it, but obviously nothing hooked up to it right now. Not sure if that DACT is programmed or able to be used.

The monitoring company can configure the NAPCO Dialer, but needs to know what type of signaling the panel will be sending such as 4+2, or CID, and also if I’ll be utilizing the telco jacks for the Easy FACP connection, or the programmable EOLR zone inputs/relays.

My gut tells me I’ll be doing the relays utilizing Trouble and Alarm from the panel, unless you think I can use the DACT to connect to the phone jacks on the NAPCO.

Given that this is an older panel, am I correct to assume it will be 4+2 signaling from the panel? I am told that SIA will not work with the NAPCO, so I hope 4+2 is an option on this panel! Your guidance here would be greatly appreciated.

This building is about 300 miles away so I’m trying to be as prepared as I can be in hopes of not having to make multiple trips.

Thanks for any help you can provide


Monitoring with the DACT is a bit out of my expertise. Relay dry contacts are better than nothing, and likely the most simple solution for unknowns, but the DACT would provide a bit more information to the monitoring company.

Unless the DACT is already programmed, you likely won’t have much luck getting anything out of it without a Simplex tech on hand. If it is configured, I’m sure there’s a way to figure out how it’s configured by hooking the DACT up to something, but I don’t know what that something is.

Relays are the best option, those older DACTs are not very responsive with the cell communicators. The church is most likely a smaller building and most likely doesn’t require more information than an alarm. However I would also contact the local fire marshal and just ensure that they are okay with that.

Thank you for your comments. Should I assume the panel is sending 4+2 signaling?