addressable & non-addressable pull?

Is there any way to make a adressable BG-12 pull ,or any Adressable pull non-adressable? How? I thought I saw a video saying just cut soomething on the back But I cant find it, thanks. :oops:

I know how on some pull stations, but I haven’t tried it with a BG-12LX. Destin knows how, so hopefully he will post the solution.

He just moved the terminals that go straight to the switch in his System Test 17.


Wow, I screwed that up.

I fixed it for you.

im new to this and I dont know what that means lol And I am Destin, I am sure there is another destin to

lol, there is another Destin.

Well then, Destin, I recommend you ask Destin. Because Destin has the answers to Destin’s question.

You should be able to pop out the addressable module on the BG-12LX. That’s what I did with my ADT ADT-BG-12LX.

Does your pull station open with the fire-lite key because my panel is made by ADT and it opens with the fire-lite key.

Yes, it does. I believe any ADT-branded Honeywell equipment opens with the Fire-Lite key.

…except the 5050-001. Was that pull ever addeessable?

The 5050-001 isn’t a Honeywell device though. I believe it was made by ESL. And I don’t think that an addressable version of it was ever released.

So ADT is owned by two companies?

You all get of topic but its ok IM learning :smiley:

Adt is owned by Tyco.

ADT’s actually it’s own pubically traded company again. It’s not owned by anybody right now.

Can you all please drop it I just want to know how to convert a BG-12 pull station

I believe I already answered that…

Just note that it might take a little bit of force to get it out. Just be sure not to use an excessive amount, and be careful not to damage anything.

Here is a video explaining how to convert an addressable simplex T-Bar.