Ademco 747F Siren

Hey everyone

I’m kind of concerned. I’m moving in 2 months, and the house we got has a security system with an Ademco 747F siren like in this vid Alarm56 posted a while ago:

Has anyone ever heard one of these in person? Does it sound a lot louder than a smoke alarm? The data sheet under the Honeywell website says that they’re 95 dB at 10 feet. I believe that’s how loud a U-MMT is on Horn. I think that those are pretty loud. I think those use piezos though, and the 747F uses a speaker. Does that mean that it will sound even louder than a U-MMT on Horn? I know that they sound different, but I’m afraid that the siren will be incredibly deafeningly loud. I know that it will be loud, but I hope it isn’t as loud as I’m thinking.

I could be wrong, but isn’t there a way to test the security system without having it call emergency personnel? That way, you could see for yourself how loud it is.

Actually yes there is. I don’t know what kind of system it is though, but it was probably installed when the house was built in 1992. I caught a glimpse of the keypad, and I don’t think the keypads have displays. I didn’t really want to get a good look at them at the time though since the realtor was there showing us around. I can’t wait to see what kind of system it is though. All I do know is what the siren is (actually, it could be a speaker, but I think it’s probably a siren). I was just wondering if any of you knew so I could know ahead of time. I do plan on testing it.

God help us.

Hey hey! I’ve never had a security system before! I’ve heard those sirens on TV and of course online, so I do at least know what they sound like. I’ve just never heard them in person before. I’ve had loud smoke alarms though, namely Firex FX1020’s. Since when was it not okay to ask questions?

Its a home security system, not a toy.

Um I think there’s a misunderstanding here. I know more than perfectly well that they’re not toys. Not only do they protect people against theft, but they’re connected to central monitoring stations who can quickly alert emergency personnel. When I said “test it”, I didn’t mean arming it and opening a door. If I’m not mistaken, some if not all security systems have a test feature which lets you test the system without calling anyone. I wouldn’t do it like someone testing an alarm in their collection; it would be brief just so I could hear it in person. Of course, I wouldn’t do anything without first reading the manual and making sure I knew 100% what I was doing.

I bet your intention is to make sure the system works the way it should…?

Precisely. I know better than to fool around with that kind of stuff.

Alarm systems have a test feature that test not only the siren but test the communicator as well. Sending the system into any kind of “alarm” or “test” will more than likely notify a central station and in some cases can only be silenced or deactivated using a particular “user level” code. I would suggest locating the main control panel (not the keypad) and look for a sticker. Check the windows and doors to. Have your mum or dad call either the folks on the sticker or contact the previous occupant to make sure that the system was not stuck in contract. Be advised that even a short blast of an audible siren can draw the police due to a neighbours call.

No, there was no misunderstanding.

I suggest leaving they system operation and testing up to someone that knows it. An incorrect key entry can disable zones, devices or change other aspects of the system programing.