Ademco Vista 20p Reset

I am planning on investing in an Ademco Vista 20p. I want to know if there’s a way to connect to a fire alarm panel in such a way so that resetting one resets the other.

I don’t know about the 20P specifically, but when it comes to its younger brother the 10SE there’s no such thing as an “external reset” zone type. Try reading the 20P’s manual to know for sure.

I honestly don’t care if it’s the vista 20p I just want an external reset

What do you mean by Reset?

Resetting the Vista by a FACP or resetting the FACP by a Vista.
Because it may be possible with a 4204 Relay module.

I want it to work both ways,

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Here are your choices for Zone types for the Vista and the actions are for the 4204 relay module.


My recommendation is that you can reset the Fire panel by setting one of the relays as type 54 = Fire Zone Reset. But it appears that you Cannot Disarm the panel (Clear a Fire Alarm) with a zone. This is probably because people cannot disarm the system by touching wires together. (Defeats the purpose of the vista)

I’m assuming zone type 39 could trip an FACP.

Yes it would. (It could control nacs too I believe.)

Thanks for the help.

Would there be a way to tell a fire alarm panel to silence from the vista?

It depends if the panel has a remote silence input or a programming option for a zone to do this.

Type #22 is going to be the closest option for this. But you must enter your code + 1 to silence the FACP instead of just pressing 1.

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