Adressable EST

Hi I might get adressable EST panel and would like to know if anyone can get me a copy of the EST programming software

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I think the EST programming software is only accessible to EST employees

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Yes, & if you’re just starting out conventional is the way to go.

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good to know that someone has a copy! also, this would not be my first panel

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He meant that the software was only available to employees. He doesn’t have it.

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oh :frowning: that stinks well no est3 for me

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The QUICKSTART software is available online

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I don’t think op has a QuickStart

yea I am looking at the EST 3

I don’t think the est 3 software is available to collectors

As far as I know the software to any large Edwards/EST panel is not publicly available (EST2, EST3, etc.).

You have to be an est technician to be Able to gain access to software

How do I become an est technician?

You might also be able to send your panel to an est distributor in your area and ask them if they can program it for you.

Where can I download the quick start software?

These are the panels I am looking at QuickStart and EST3

I found the software but now I need the programming dongle :frowning:

That EST3 might be a little to big for you. Also, it has a bunch of missing cards and modules so it probably won’t work.

Yes, not to mention the fact that it’s expensive as heck & as we’ve said the programming software is unavailable to those who aren’t technicians.

You found the software for the est3???