ADT dual action pull station.

This pull station is pretty common in my area. It’s red, with black levers and a silver key insert at the top. Anyone here familiar with this pull station? Has this pull station been discontinued? I went to a school that had this pull station.

The pull station says on the thing to e pushed, push then, on the bottom it says pull.

I used to have one. The model is 5050-001 and were originally made by ESL, but have been discontinued for a while.

It is the pull station pictured here:

If you get one, try to get the older version, the newer ones are CRAP! get the ones that have a metal back, not red.

For those who don’t already know, every ADT product is rebranded.
The original manufacture of this pull station is Electro Signal Labs (ESL) and the model is 103-01.