ADT FocusPLUS Programing

Hi I’m removing some old ADT focus plus panels and keypads and I was wondering if anyone knows how or has documentation for programing these panels from the keypad. Does it need to be programmed via hex decimal. If so so does anyone have that documentation. Thanks.

Also does anyone have programing codes or default codes for this panel. Pease pm me if you do. Thanks.

I assume you’re talking about the Focus 200s?

FOCUS: F… Our Customers Untill Sore

TL;DR… You’re out of luck.

They’re based off of custom hardware made by Ademco.

6 digit user codes, regional installer codes, programmed thru a phone line or hex programming, and as far as I know there is zero documentation available online about programming.

“The newer Focus panels do communicate using Contact ID, but the

standard version of Compass will not work for programming. ADT down

line loads these controls, but it is possible (but very

time-consuming) to reprogram them on-site via hex-data. There’s

nothing out there that can replace a newer addressable Focus control

panel without also changing the addressable SIM devices and/or

standalone SIM modules. Generally this means replacing most every

device on the system.

The older Focus systems, which used PID’s (the” brown boxes"), were

much easier to replace. These systems used standard devices which

were addressed using point interface devices that were usually mounted

some distance from the device. Takeovers could be done by simply

gutting the quad-PID boxes and replacing them with zone expanders or

address modules from your favorite manufacturer. The newer SIM

devices use modules that are built into each device, making system

replacement much more difficult."

Focus 5 = Proprietary Artitech Panel

Focus 6 = Proprietary Artitech Panel

Focus 40 = Proprietary Panel

Focus 45U = Proprietary Panel

Focus 48 = Proprietary Panel

Focus 55 = Moose Z1100e?

Focus 75 = Proprietary Ademco Panel

Focus 100B = Proprietary Panel

Focus 200D = Proprietary Custom Ademco Panel

Focus 256 = Proprietary Panel

Focus D15 = DSC PC1550

Focus D32 = DSC PC5010 (Power832)

Focus D50 = DSC PC1555 (Power632)

Safewatch = ADT Caretaker+ or Z900, both proprietary

(must replace master chip & eeprom chip for takeovers on some models)

Safewatch Custom = Moose Z1100 with LCD Keypad

Safewatch Custom RF = ITI SXV

Safewatch Plus = ADT Proprietary version of ITI Caretaker Plus

(must replace master chip & eeprom chip for takeovers on some models)

Safewatch Plus/Entrepreneur = Moose Z910A, (Z900 with additional RAM)

Safewatch Plus RF = ADT Proprietary version of ITI Commander2000

Safewatch Pro = ADT Proprietary Moose panel, not sure of type.

Safewatch Pro 2000 = Vista-20SE

Safewatch Pro 3000 = Vista-20P

Safewatch Pro EZ = Custom Napco P801 (Cannot be downloaded using standard PCDWin

Ok thanks. Just wanted to see if it was possible to get into these older panels because we are tearing them out and replacing them with DMP through a new contract with our customer.