Advance mini-horn introduction date?

My new apartment building has SpectrAlert Advances in the hallways, but in the units themselves, there are PA400 mini-horns in beige.

This was a rather interesting mashup for me to see, but then I remembered that the Advance mini-horns were probably not introduced until a few years after that date. The building was renovated in 2007. Does anyone know when that mini-horn introduced to the market? Has anyone seen such an Advance/PA400 combination in a building before?

I don’t know the exact date the mini horns came out, however the Advance series was introduced in 2006. I think the mini horns came out a while after that, so given the reno date of 2007, it’s possible that building fell right in the middle of the new horn/strobes, but pre-Advanced mini horn. Kind of a unique system there.

It looks like they were indeed introduced in 2007. The September/October 2007 issue of the NFPA Journal showcases these mini-horns as a new product (at p. 104).

I’ve come across a similar situation at a high-rise hotel/condo/art gallery complex near my house. The building was completed in 2018 and has a mix of SpectrAlert Advance and L-Series speaker/strobes and speakers; in some cases, both series of devices are used within the same room.

This can also be determined by comparing revisions of System Sensor’s website on the Wayback Machine. This version only has the Mini-Alert sounders, while this version has the Advance mini-horns in addition to the Mini-Alerts.