Advances are officially being discontinued.

yep, I just got an email from System Sensor that says the new L-Series will be wiping out the advance series. (I don’t know if they are replacing the outdoor models though) I don’t really like the whole idea of reverting back to the classic design because it looks pretty iffy now in my opinion. The advances were simple and nice looking but these new ones are pretty big…even the compact size it’s larger than the SpectrAlert classic footprint model.

It’s a little off topic, but the Silent Knight 5600 is now discontinued. Honeywell must be going through a product restructure type thing.

The Fire-Lite MS-25 has also been discontinued.

The SpectrAlert Advance series will continue to be used for outdoor applications, like the Wheelock AS. I guess if you really wanted an Advance for an indoor application you could order P2RK-R (replacement wheatherproof model without backbox).

So is the L series officially released now that the Advance is discontinued? I mean I assumed the Advance would meet its fate when the new alarms came out; are they officially in retail yet? Cause I haven’t seen any on eBay.

They will be released pretty soon. On the system Sensor website under “Products” advances aren’t shown as the main product anymore (except for low frequency and outdoor and founders) they are also on the bottom of each list. Last week when I checked the L-Series and advance were intermixed but now they look like they have a predecessor. THIS IS SOOOO SAD :cry:

We got notice of this as well. It seems to be pretty fast. We still haven’t received any of the L-Series devices yet, but now we are selling projects with them, because they are the only thing we’re able to order.

And in addition the panels already mentioned, the FCI 7100 is being discontinued. There is some restructuring going on, I’m not sure how much is shareable with the public, but I will say that as a Gamewell-FCI dealer, we now have access to Silent Knight and Farenhyt panels. We’ve also heard that the Honeywell name is going to a lot more prominent.

I would say that I’m sad about it, but then I would be lying. I see them too much and its time for something new.


What does prominent mean? More common?

I can’t really tell, because my area is primarily Simplex. But you do see the occasional run-of-the-mill SpectrAlert system now and then. Actually seems like lots of grocery stores and restaurants around my area have them. Schools and office buildings and other large buildings typically go Simplex though. I have a feeling the new high school will go with a 4100ES system of some sort…can’t be certain though until bidding time and I probably won’t find out until 2019 when the building is complete or nearly complete. It’s a shame the 7100 was discontinued. Are they planning on discontinuing the Fire Lite MS2/MS4 series? Seems like the next product on the list to go too. Hopefully they won’t get rid of the 5UD/10UD and go all addressable because I like conventional systems, especially ones that use filtered DC.

As in larger font than the “Gamewell-FCI”. Of course I’m sure they’d like to be installed everywhere too.