Alarm Vids 10.0

This’ll be the last of the “series”. No, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop posting vids, it’s just I don’t get the reason why we started doing the volume thing in the first place. So, this thread will always remain open, and have much more posts than previously.

“Cheers” to the first of many videos to come! :smiley: - EST Genesis horn/strobes in code-3. - Unsynced red and white EST Genesis horn/strobes in code-3, almost making it sound like they’re in continuous. - (bad quality) Simplex 4100U slow whoop. - (bad quality) The other portion to the above video, and what a rarity this is; speakers mounted in the place of horns on Simplex 4050-80 light plates! - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING; bad quality) A unique slow whoop alarm with voice-evacuation message. - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING; beginning of the video to 2:00) Hi-lo alarms, along with a Simplex 2099-9795 seen at the beginning; at 1:14, another hi-lo alarm can be heard. - Unsynced piezos and Spectralert Advance horn/strobes in code-3. - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING; bad quality) EST Genesis alarms in code-3 during the beginning. - Wheelock AS in continuous. - (EXPLICIT AND RACIST LANGUAGE WARNING; :58 to the end) Smoke detector. - (:17 to the end; edited video?) 6" bells ring briefly, as if used for class change in school. - (bad quality) What sounds like a Simplex 4903-9237 horn/strobe in continuous. - U-MMT horn/strobes and what appear to be Gentex Commanders in continuous. - Fire alarm test; hi-lo sounders are heard in this video along with a Grinnell t-bar at the beginning.

Serisfuckingly? You need a life dude… - (bad quality) Piezo-like alarm in continuous, possibly coming from an annuciator/panel seen at :16. - Fire alarm tone in code-3 (Mircom?). - Test of a fire alarm coding from this user’s school. - Test of a Notifier panel; alarms heard are identical to a video I posted earlier, search “sounders on alternating”. - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) U-MMT horn/strobes in pulse; the one at the beginning is covered by a wall decoration; MS-51 or 151 pull stations behind Stopper II covers can also be seen; close to the 1:00 mark, a Wheelock AS in code-3 can be heard. - Electromechanical alarm in continuous. - Fire alarm tone in code-3 (Simplex?). - Some strange slow whoop faintly heard in the background. - Demonstration of a fire drill; 270-SPO pull stations behind Stopper II covers can be seen at points throughout the video. - (mild language warning; 1:21-1:29) Roshni sounders in whoop tone. - See video description; signal coding is code-3 and 4/6 from the detectors. - Fire alarm test; alarms are a Roshni sounder and Spectralert-like horn/strobe in hi-lo. - (:35 to the end) Integrity horn/strobe in code-3, seen with an EST dual-action pull station at the end. - Slow whoop heard along with speaker/strobes. - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) Piezos in continuous along with TrueAlert horn/strobes in code-3; the strobes are unsynced. - See the video itself for all the info. - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING; beginning to 1:33) Wheelock NS horn/strobes in pulse. - Smoke detectors in code-3. - 10" single-stroke bells as part of an ancient coding system.

That’s Providence Place Mall in RI. That place has a knack for false alarms. The system’s a CP MXL system with I-SM speaker/strobes. Some have been replaced with S-HP-MCSs and others with Wheelock E70s. Lots of remote strobes in the stores too. Pulls are the “Lift and Pull” type. - In some shots, is what looks like an Edwards/Wheelock alarm; the system is audibly silenced. - Demonstration of a foreign motor siren; other alarms or “fire bells” can be seen in the beginning. - Demonstration of hi-lo alarms set off from an actual LEGO model! - (1:26 to the end) Smoke detector. - TrueAlert in code-3. - Faintly-heard Simplex 9838 alarms in continuous. - Disaster drill at a hospital; a strobe can be seen pulsing in the background. - (bad quality) Demonstration of a homemade fire alarm circuit. - Faintly-heard Gentex Commanders and MA/SS alarms in continuous, along with a piezo in code-3 (Spectralert Advance?). - A video showcasing the top 10 carbon monoxide detectors of 2011. - At the end of the video, the guy tests a smoke detector briefly.

Pretty unusual indeed! I remember seeing a speaker like that (made by Federal Signal) branded as a Simplex 4090-91 or something, it must be from at least the early 1980s. Probably it was a 2001 or even a 2100 with voice-evacuation, but then they replaced it with a 4100U.