Alarms In My Four Schools

This is about the fire alarms in the shools I’ve attended from Kindergarten to Senior(12th grade)

It consists of:

-Slackwood Elementary

-Lawrence Intermediate

-Lawrence Middle

-Lawrence High

I’ll start from Slackwood. It used:

2 Amseco, Potter or Edwards 10 Inch Bells and BG-10’s in the art/kindergarten building

Edwards SIGA-270’s in the main building.

Edwards 892-2b(thesdx image) Around The whole school(only alarm used in basement as well as one dead between stairway and 1st grade hall)

Wheelock NS-24110W(schuminweb picture) is another alarm used through out the main school

2 Wheelock MT-24-LSM(schuminweb as well) used in the gym-cafetorium(along with another 298-2b on the stage)

Next the intermediate school, the most diverse fire alarm system out of all my schools.(Not my pictures)

Wheelock 7002t’s take up the most of the building.(strobeless ones in the cafetorium and gymnasium)

Two Spectralert Classics(one in the top 5&6 grade hall and another somewhat next to the library)

2 Grey Edwards 881D-AW mounted on the ceiling of the bottom 5&6 grade floors.

2 System Sensor MA/SS-24 along with one Wheelock MT3 in the 4th Grade/New Wing(all in their whoop tones)

2 more MT3’s at the far side of the 5&6 grade floors in marchtime.(Andrew’s picture)

An Edwards Integrity for an outdoor alarm(My Picture)

Most of the building also consists of Simplex/Couch Chevron Pull Stations

1 Kidde dual pull station in the music room

A BG-8(Fire-Lite) in the new wing

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … g-8-01.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

And a fairly new Edwards brand SIGA 270

(Note all each school fire alarm system will be posted separately)

Now the Middle School:

Every indoor alarm is a earlier model of EST Genesis Series(like the one below) and they are all in code 3

More EST Integrity’s outside(one in continuous and the rest in code 3)

All pull stations are EST SIGA-278b (some with Stopper II’s)