Alexis Trinquet's collection: Updated

Thanks :blush: and there’s more, I got it’s older cousin, the 7002-24 coming up in the mail, I need to get backboxes for them though.

Do you have anymore American alarms

I also have a Amseco BZ-50P and a Edwards heat detector (of which the label rubbed off, but I still have the box somewhere).

Other than that, that’s all I have at the moment in terms of American fire alarms.

Ok. Nice. You have a cool collection

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Thanks :blush: your collection is pretty cool too.

(completely random, but I’m sure I have a few obscure devices I didn’t take pics of yet, I just don’t remember where where I put them)

Speaking of my collection. I’ve added more pictures

Yup I saw 'em, that’s an interesting Gamewell Century pull you’ve got, I don’t think I recall seeing many with the key lock attachment.

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Yeah. The key reset adapter on my ms-95t is pretty rare. The lock takes a gamewell cat-60 key

Two new devices added:

  • Honeywell SC806E-1013

  • Wheelock 7002-24 (Gen 1, no terminals)

Pictures will follow up soon.

Oh cool! You got a chime

Yep, and one that was on my bucket list, I just love the sound that it makes.

Yeah. I want to get a chime too

The funny thing with chimes is that, at first you may not expect them to be loud as, for example an horn or a bell, but once you hear one in person, that’s a whole other story :rofl:

Last few weeks have been really rough for me (won’t go into details, but the gist of it, I got a spot in a trade school and it’s going, well, not great nor terrible.)

Anyways, as promised, here are the pictures of the new devices, in no particular order:

That poor SC8061013 looks worse for wear on the outside, though I gotta add that it gives it some character.

Last but not least, a Sicli fire extinguisher I received from a good friend of mine, a 1997 Sicli Quartz, which is a bit unusual, as to pressurize it, you just pull the pin out and the mechanism will do the rest.

There’s a later model known as the Quartz 2000 which has a seamless tank and a different serigraphy, mine is known as the “Quartz Flamme” or “Quartz S” due to the large Sicli “S” flame logo on the serigraphy.

This one was manufactured in September 1997, and it’s got a few scrapes.

'nother haul came in.

But first, full disclosure, I’m having technical difficulties uploading pictures, so I probably won’t be able to upload them right away.

  • Merlin Gerin SRBM300 voice EVAC sounder

It’s the ancestor of the DSME3000 sounder I have, rather rare and unusual, plus I’m gonna give the DSME3000 to a friend, but knowing myself I’ll probably cave in and buy another one, since the DSME3000 has a bilingual message option, whereas the SRBM doesn’t.

  • FARE OC-05F and DEF OA-O Orion

The OA-O is addressable, whereas the OC-05F isn’t. Unfortunately I had to pillage some parts on the OA-O as a few plastic tabs broke (including the base locking tab) on the OC-05F… It sort of pains me a bit to sacrifice a working device, but the OA-O wouldn’t have been of much use to me.

And hey, I can always reverse the mod and swap the guts of the OC-05F into it’s original shell if I ever need to.

  • AVISS DS01 (x2)

The sounders that started my interest in fire alarms, when I was in Junior High, they had these both for class change signaling (DS01s can do either the ol’ AFNOR NFS32001 sound, or a continuous sound) and fire alarm duties.

They’re ungodly rare these days, and I’m finally glad to own not one, but two of these!

Also these sounders have each a bit of personality, some make a faster tone with a higher pitch, some lower and slower, and when you set them off in NFS32001 mode, they’ll do a short continuous tone before switching. I really do not understand what makes their pitch drift, but that makes them very interesting nonetheless!

  • Fare BMY2 and BMYL2 (DEF)

Nothing to say more, another (rough) BMY2 (which belonged to a friend of mine and subsequently got passed to another mutual friend, and finally fell into my lap, we’ve came full circle with that one, huh?)

The BMYL2 has an extra LED and looks to be around the same year as my AMI2S-branded BMY2, but the other Fare BMY2 I got looks to be a earlier revision model.

  • Klaxon HP22

A newer (?) variant of the HP12 I have and equally rare sounder I’ve been trying to track down for a while, my friend who sent me these devices had bought it for me (it’s a long story for another day) and didn’t get around to sending it to me until last Friday.

Unfortunately this one has a slight fault: one of the speaker coil wires came undone… This is going to be fun (not) to repair.

  • Merlin Gerin Type 4 FACP - TA4-1B

More or less the same thing as my Saft/URA T4CT panel, although a little bit different.

  • Aviss DS01-PZ

A rather weird device, I always thought of it as a replacement to the DS01, minus the continuous tone option, unlike the DS01, it’s a fair bit taller and uses a Piezo (hence the “PZ” in the name? speaker (and sounds shrill and raspy as a result). There’s a ton of empty space in the case (and IMHO, a bit of a missed opportunity here).

I’ve seen another variant that was made specifically for medical buildings that had only a LED and did a continuous tone

  • URA MCP (forgot the model #)

Got two of them, one without the box, and another one NIB, these are probably the newest call points I ever had.

And amusingly, they have a light switch mechanism instead of a microswitch like other call points I’ve seen.

  • Nugelec light/sounder combo unit (model # unknown)

Not much is known about these, they look like remote smoke detector indicator lights but have a piezo sounder and seem to act like a reverse Wheelock 7002, that is the piezo goes off with the light at the same time, then they quiet down, before going off again.

  • Early Legrand sounder (unknown model #)

A rather old Sounder, probably one of the oldests in my collection, this one has a metallic faceplate but is in rather rough condition. And it’s incredibly heavy too, although from the few videos on these that I’ve seen, they don’t seem to be that loud.

That’s about it for the devices I got in that haul, there’s a few others I’m not mentioning as I don’t remember the exact model number.

Again, I’m having some technical issues when trying to upload the pictures, so I’m going to try again in a few days if this still happens.

Edit: Forgot a few devices:

  • Merlin Gerin 57384 BAAS Ma

To explain what this device is, you can think of it’s operating principle as an hardwired and interconnected smoke detector, with a manual call point instead of a smoke sensor.

It’s actually a Saft/URA BAAS-MA under the hood, the AC transformer also has “SAFT” written on it.

This one is in rough but working condition, the original battery (from 1995) has long leaked and the corrosive stuff has wicked over the battery terminals, thankfully only the battery positive terminal lug got corroded.

On the outside though, it really shows that it was a building pull, there’s paint splattered everywhere, some holes were made in the backplate.

  • URA 320006 BAAS-Sa

Another BAAS (=autonomous sounder) except this one is a BAAS-Sa as in “SAtellite” which means it needs a BAAS-Pr (PRincipal) versus the Merlin Gerin BAAS-Ma (Manual or according to some, “Marche-Arrêt”).

This one is quite new, but since I don’t have the proper BAAS-Pr to pair it with, I’m probably going to give it to another friend, or try and make it work with my Alpha E2/6 (according to some documents I could find, you can indeed pair an Alpha C2/6/10 or S2/6/10 -what my Alpha E2/6 is under the hood- with a BAAS-Sa and have it (the Alpha E2/6 or S2/6/10) act as a BAAS-Pr.

  • Merlin Gerin 57327

There’s not much to write home about, it’s just a plain 12V sounder that can either do a continuous or NF32001 tone. It kinda looks like to me that it’s based on a Gents sounder, but in beige and with different electronics.

Realistically, it’s also one of the most simple and weirdest sounders I’ve ever seen, weird because most 12V sounders I’ve seen were very old and usually did not have the capability to do a continuous tone, but at the same time it’s relatively new (it’s from about 1997 if I can read the date code on it correctly).


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Quick update, I still haven’t figured out why my pictures aren’t going through. Plus my work schedule has been absolute hell lately, so, sorry, no pictures yet.

I got the rest of the haul:

  • Neutronic weatherproof call point

It’s in bad condition, also rare. It’s worth noting that this MCP is very difficult to reset. It’s so weathered though that I’m afraid that the plastic might disintegrate in my hands.

  • Neutronic TT3-MA

A run of the mill BAAS-MA, that one is a bit, uh? Iffy? But also extraordinarily slim for a BAAS. The folks at Neutronic did a great job at making that device compact! (and there’s a newer version that is even smaller!). Although I haven’t tested it yet.

(side note, the Merlin Gerin BAAS-MA unfortunately needs to have the transformer’s primary coil pins resoldered)

  • Nugelec PAJ (forgot the model) sounder

The ancestor of the Fulleon DSB3000, I believe that sounder is based on the older Fulleon Symphoni sounders. Unfortunately this one isn’t in the greatest shape (the clips holding the sounder to it’s base are on the verge of cracking apart, and one of the terminals needs to be resoldered), but it works pretty well.

  • Neutronic Stillic sounder

That sounder, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really find it that interesting, and I think it’s somewhat poorly designed. It is set to 90dB mode (class B) by a jumper that you have to cut to turn that sounder into a class A sounder (70dB).

Mine isn’t in good shape, but works, although even in 70db mode, it really is deafening.

  • Legrand 41508 Mk.1 sounder

The descendent of the “older unknown Legrand” sounders I have (I got another one from my friend), there was two versions, one older version (which I have) that has a 1st generation 7002T-style grille, and a second generation model that has a flush grille that has an almost invisible grille.

Interestingly, this one has a foam gasket around the speaker, but since it was damaged, I ended up removing it.

  • Legrand metal membrane MCPs

Not much to say about these, these MCPs are very difficult to activate and reset. Yes, they do have a metallic membrane… I’m not making that up.

  • Nugelec V97 (?) MCP

One of these devices I’ve been trying to track down since years, these are older-style Fulleon MCPs under the hood, they are very easy to activate and reset (the original reset key was just a long plastic rod with a tab on the side that was only used for activating test mode). Although the fact that it’s both very easy to activate and difficult to see if it’s activated or not at a glance might have contributed to Fulleon discontinuing this series of MCPs.

The membrane on it is weird, it looks like a glass panel at first, but it’s not, it’s more like some flexible polycarbonate sheet.

The membrane also fits on KAC MCPs too, albeit a bit poorly.

Hiiii :wave:

Life has been a bit chaotic there, between trade school, recent events in the family, I’ll spare you the (boring and unnecessary) details.

First here’s the Merlin Gerin 57384 BAAS Ma and a Merlin Gerin TS 106 FACP.

The 57384 had its transformer resoldered (and some double-sided tape added on the bottom to try and hold it in place) so it now works. (that also explains the duct tape with “ALIM HS” written on it that I slapped on the BAAS)

The TS 106 on the other hand, is both a standard FACP and a BAAS Pr (meaning it can drive BAAS Sa units), which is what I’ve done yesterday as the TS 106’s sounder line needs 1N4007 diodes in series with the sounders.

Coincidentally the BAAS is only a year or two newer (approximately 1995 to 1997) than the TS106 (~February 1994).

Second, comes up a DEF AVSU-PZ, and a rather early version, that one I also had to repair it, the speaker’s glue decided to turn into a fine yellow powder, some double-sided tape has taken care of that.