Alexis Trinquet's collection: Updated


I felt like starting a new topic for my collection as the old one isn’t relevant anymore, but just for reference, I’ll link it here: My old version of my collection (my collection grew quite a bit in terms of quantity, and yes, there’s more to come! I ain’t spoil the surprise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), I’ll put this in a more organized manner this time.

Let’s get started, I’m currently working on a massive (not so massive after all) image library with all the devices in my collection this time, and speaking of time (no pun intended), it’s going to take a long while.

So in the meantime, have a list:

Manual Call Points:

  • KAC Series II MCPs (various rebrands, Nugelec, Merlin Gerin, ATSE...) (x4)
  • Legrand 380 16 (the first MCP I ever got, unfortunately it is in very bad condition 😢, there's two plastic pegs that held the frame into place, those pegs unfortunately broke)
  • Unknown Legrand glass break MCP
  • Finsécur NEMO-IS (a fun and cute little MCP, this one is green and was tied to a emergency door open switch)
  • BACO Emergency Stop break glass switch
  • Sounders, horns and strobes:

  • Amseco BZ-50BP (probably the loudest device in my collection, even on 9V it really screams loud and proud)
  • Merlin Gerin SR [RARE!] (mine has a broken retention clip, but it still works, and is the heaviest sounder in my collection)
  • AE&T T100 [Rebadged E2S] (nothing to say about this, it's a pretty versatile device)
  • Chubb SONOS DC (had two of these, I traded one and kept the 2nd)
  • Chubb BZ1L [UNCOMMON] (a special sounder for Clinics, hospitals and such)
  • ATSE remote indicator [NON-FUNCTIONAL/DEFECTIVE] (No longer works, I need to replace the LED and add a resistor)
  • Smoke, heat, flame detectors:

  • Cerberus Guinard F715 (ionization, I have no idea if it works... Dated from 1988)
  • Ademco 623-12 (old, but works, I like it. I think it may be from the late 70's, as some of the ICs on the PCB have a date code of 197-something, the last digit is unreadable)
  • Various Chubb adressable detectors (quantity unknown)
  • Chubb C-Scan (x2)
  • Panels:

  • Sicli TSI-12, 10-zone FACP [RARE] (Rough condition, the front door is rusted, but it works, and needs new fuses)
  • Exit signs:

    • Legrand 625.25
    • URA 118218 UraLife
    • Luminox STD-65C (x4 defective)
    • Luminox STD-65CES (weather-proof)
    • Ratec/Secoumatic unknown model (only have a fluorescent tube on these, have two of these both needs new batteries)
    • SAFT Optimo60 (batteries are soldered in place and have started leaking)
    • SAFT Strio SATI (maybe works or doesn’t, when plugged into AC mains, it didn’t show any signs of life… Needs some work. Going to chalk it up as “defective”)


    • Télémécanique E-STOP station
    • Legrand 240VAC EM Bell

    Devices I no longer have:

  • DEF Polaris C2/6/10 [NON-FUNCTIONAL/DEFECTIVE] -- No longer have this panel
  • UPDATED: 02/24/2021 - Restored pictures and added pics of my defunct DEF Polaris (I still miss this panel, it was the first ever FACP I ever got :cry:).

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    First photo in, the Sicli TSI FACP… If you thought that kcin556’s Ansul AutoPulse 2000 was obscure, this panel is so rare that there is no documentation about it.

    It has 10 zones, but so far I’ve never got it to work, I managed to activate the alarm on some zones, but so far I’m clueless as to how to wire it up.

    EDIT: By sheer luck, one of my friends sent me a spec sheet and wiring diagrams for this panel, in the end I got it to work briefly (but I need new fuses…), it’s a quirky panel for sure!

    Here are the Amseco BZ-50P (don’t have a backbox for it yet, so it’s been a desk ornament along with my old Legrand 240V EM Bell (this bell used to be the class change signaling bell at one of the schools I attended to, it was taken down after a fire then given to me).

    Now for a little part of my collection that I didn’t account for in all these years: my three functioning EXIT signs (in my case they’d be more EXIT and emergency light combo units).

    First up we have a Legrand 625.25, this one was the first EXIT sign I got in my collection (had a second one but it went missing ages ago), now these 625.25 (the early ones to my knowledge) are known to be often unreliable, mine is one of the last 625.25 units made (IIRC mine is dated from 2008/2009) with revised electronics that were much more reliable than the early ones.

    It’s still on its original battery that is now 12 years old, not bad for a device that runs 24/7!

    Then we have my Cooper Luminox (yes, that Cooper that merged with Wheelock, and subsequently got absorbed by EATON) STC-65CES, it is a weatherproof EXIT sign, pretty barebones unit but it has a fairly strong LED.

    Last but not least, my URA 118218 UraLife, this one has a faulty battery and yes, I need to get this sticker sorted out.

    Now moving on to some of my FA devices:

    First up we have the AE&T T100 sounder (kind of like a Wheelock MT or a System Sensor MASS), it’s in a rather rough condition but still works otherwise:

    My Merlin Gerin SR, this thing is probably on par with the Amseco in terms of loudness, and on this one if you reverse the polarity, it’ll do a continuous tone instead of the NFS32001 tone.

    The “tower of MCPs”, three KAC KR-1s (two break glass and one with a plastic membrane) and one defective Legrand MCP (this one hurts as it’s the first one I ever got :frowning:):

    Oh and a lone ATSE KR-1 MCP, have two of these, one is in the MCP tower.

    A older Legrand break-glass MCP and a BACO Emergency Stop break box (unfortunately both the glass and key are missing):

    Next part, I’ll try to take some pictures of my smoke/heat detectors and my Sicli TSI-12 and try to upload a small video of it working and going into alarm. I just need to find new fuses for it. Oh and sand it down and repaint the front door as it’s rusty.

    One of my friends had sent me the documents for the TSI-12, so now I have all the wiring diagrams and such.

    Here are some rather disjointed and old pictures, in no particular order:

    • Chubb/Vimpex BZ1L (with my Merlin Gerin SR and Sonos sounder sneaking in as well)
    • ATSE KAC KR-1 MCP (x2), Cerberus F715, ATSE Remote Indicator (and both my old CRT monitor and 1999 iMac G3 peeking in.)
    • FARE Smoke Alarm & Ademco 623-12
    • Diamant Phone ringer
    • Nugelec KR-1 “break glass” MCP

    Another update, this time it’s a… Couverture anti-feu. Well, I have no idea what to call it in English (perhaps “fireproof tarp” or “fireproof blanket”?).

    This enclosure is in very sad condition, bent, rusty (just like my Sicli TSI-12 LOL) and I don’t know what the blanket is made of, I’m hoping it’s not asbestos or some other nasty stuff :worried:

    Hey there!

    I know I haven’t really posted anything since a few years, because of real life getting in the way, I’ll spare you the boring details but I still managed to add a few devices to my collection.

    In no particular order:

    • URA T4CT MK.1 FACP

    This is a very simple FACP, in France we have a few types of systems, from the full blown Type 1 (where you have a full panel, kind of like most FA systems from the UK and North America), to the type 2 (self-contained autonomous sounders with a central transponder), type 3 (network of autonomous sounders) and type 4 (what I have here)…

    The type 4 systems are, very simple, no smoke detectors or anything else, just pull stations and sounders, and that’s it. They’re usually reserved for small buildings.

    As such this panel has no buttons on the front, as soon as you activate a call point, the integrated sounder will go off for 5 minutes along with the external sounders (if present), and to reset the panel, you just reset the MCP.

    And it doesn’t need EOLRs, it’s just one single big loop, and if a MCP is activated (they must be normally closed), the FACP activates.

    Now this FACP has had a few versions, the older and boxier Mk.1 version (made by SAFT, and later URA, you can rarely find some that bore both the SAFT and URA logos), and the later Mk.2 which is a bit larger and when seen from the side has a distinctive wedge shape to it.

    The Mk.1 T4CT was a panel I always dreamt of owning ever since I started collecting fire alarms, but at the time, having no means to, it was all but a dream, until 2022 where I heard from a guy I was talking to that there was a NIB URA T4CT MK.1 for sale! And guess what… I bought it, it wasn’t cheap at all, but owning one of these was a lifelong dream of mine… And it came with two MCPs and a sounder as an added bonus…

    Unfortunately, the battery is shot (I mean, the panel is from 2002 or 2003 just when Ura stopped manufacturing the MK.1 T4CT and moved on to the Mk.2, it stood in a box for 20 odd years or so), and I seemingly can’t find a replacement… Oh well.

    • EATON DSME3000 Voice Evac sounder

    Nothing to say much, just a plain sounder with a built-in voice message module, it’s not in too great shape… I plan to find a strobe base for it anyways.

    (yes it’s sitting right on my keyboard :rofl:)

    • Some more KAC MCPs

    Nothing more to add, I got one later model and another that has a red LED coming up in the mail

    • Legrand MCP/Sounder unit (unknown model #)

    Okay this is a weird and rare one, it’s basically a Legrand MCP (with a metal plate!!!) stuck with a sounder… I unfortunately put it in storage for now and it’s buried under a pile of boxes… Otherwise I would’ve put a picture of it… I might have made a YouTube video of it at some point… Just don’t remember if I did upload it or not… Whatever.

    It uses the same case as the Legrand Type 4 panels from the same era, but honestly, I have no clue where my friend originally got this before he gave it to me. It’s just so obscure!

    That’s it for now, I’m going to finish this up later, I’ve got a few other devices to take a picture of and write a small blurb about… My insomnia’s got the better of me.


    Added a few other devices, some new, some actually old and rare. Pics will follow… I’m clearing out some stuff in my room that I can’t really use or don’t have any immediate use, this is going to take me a while… The closest thing to a picture I have right now are stills from videos that I tried to take if these devices. (edit: added a better picture of the Klaxon sounder)

    Sorry for the terrible picture, but that makes the second one of these I have, they’re just a normally open push-button that is held in place by a piece of glass. Nothing fancy.

    This one however has the optional hammer with it, and has the plastic wall trim. Suffice to say I’m stoked.

    There is a school in my hometown that uses the same callpoints tied to some early 90’s Legrand/Cerberus Guinard sounders, all of that is powered from a single 24V battery backed power supply, the call points in that system look to be a holdover from a 1960s/1970s AC system. I only heard about this system from a friend whose relatives work at this school, so I don’t have any photographic evidence of it.

    • Klaxalarm sounder (no known model number) (edit: model number for this one is HP12)

    Oh boy, where do I begin… This is probably the earliest sounder I have in my collection, instead of a microcontroller, it uses a set of Darlington transistors to generate the tone… Definitely a unique and rare sounder. A friend of mine has a older variant that is more rounder in shape, whereas mine is square.

    Unfortunately, the speaker is held in place by a set of rubber stoppers, which have since rotted away, two are falling apart and the remaining two are still good but have turned completely solid.

    I haven’t dared trying to power that one up as there is no labeling (except on the front, which has a sticker that reads: “KLAXON S.A. — SIRÈNE D’ÉVACUATION SIGNAL NFS 32001”) at all, for brevity, I’ll refer to these as a Klaxalarm sounder, even though it’s a purely conjectural name.


    (no picture yet)

    Scored big on this one… One of my friends got ahold of a guy who was selling a ASD ALPHA S2/6 along with a 4-zone expander card (which he bought for me), moments later the guy informs him that he has a few MCPs for sale, brand new in box… For 50 euros, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad deal for a set of five NIB call points.

    • ASD ALPHA S2/6

    (again, sorry for the terrible picture, I don’t have the panel in front of me, for some reason I cannot rotate it as well)

    Edit: Took some better pictures:

    This is the panel that I mentioned earlier, 6 zones as it has a zone expander card on the right… Seen here with my FARE BMY2 MCP. We had the same MCPs when I was in junior high, except that they were A) addressable and had a LED, and B) bore the “AVISS SÉCURITÉ” branding, they were BMLA95s per FARE’s nomenclature. (for these older ASD/Fare devices they were split in two categories: Y2-series=conventional, A95-series=addressable). There also exists a version of the BMY2 with a LED, the BMYL2 or BMLY2.

    I’ve since bought a few 1kOhm (for the DEXAG fire suppression module on the left, under the BMY2 MCP) and 3.9kOhm resistors for the zones.

    Something funny with this panel is that it somehow can do a pulse coded signal if you remove the 3.9kOhm resistor on the “Abort switch” line.

    Now to find a Delta-6 expander…

    By the way, the DEXAG module is a bit weird… It’s like a self-contained single-zone panel that piggybacks off the main panel (the large card in the middle), as in it has its own troubles and seem to be able to go into alarm/pre-discharge independently of whether the main panel is idle or in alarm, but that, I haven’t yet managed to try and see if it’s indeed possible or a urban legend.

    But of course, the main panel can be programmed accordingly to link the zones to the DEXAG module, it programs just like you’d program a Simplex 4004, except you need to punch two sequences (one to go into level 2 access mode, and another to go into level 3, though there are multiple level 3 codes depending on what function you want to program on the panel!) versus flipping a DIP switch.

    The key difference with my Delta S2/6 and my Polaris C2 is that the Polaris had a security relay and a alarm management unit (Unité de gestion d’alarme, sort of functionally equivalent to a NAC on a American panel) built in, whereas on the S2/6/10 it’s not included, instead you have to use a Delta-6 expander (which includes the alarm management unit and the security actuator relays)…

    The Delta-6 is also a odd beast, it’s got IDCs just like the Alpha-6, but can only be used with MCPs or in conjunction with a “fire detection panel” which is what the Alpha S2/6 is.

    So to recap, in France we got panels that are purpose-built to support linking out of the gate :joy: as outlandish it and bizarre it sounds.

    Coming back to the Alpha S2/6, it has an extra card just behind the main board with a bunch of relays, one for general alarm, another general trouble, and 10 dedicated for the zones, to each zone there is a dedicated relay, which you’d connect to the Delta-6 as if it were a call point.

    I really feel like I should do a write-up about the Delta-6 (if I do ever find one that is, as they seem rarer than the Alpha S2/6 themselves, not even the DEF version, the Antarès 3-DIGIT, comes up for sale on the used market) and the Alpha S2/6, they’re quirky panels on their own right, and I recently found out about another version of the Alpha S2/6 for the European export market that there’s little to no info on it.

    In any case, as much as I’m not a frequently active person here (real life gets in the way, yadda yadda) I don’t really post much but I still lurk there and here… I just hope one day that my situation finally stabilizes so I can post more of my findings :slight_smile:

    Kind regards

    Wow those are some cool devices you’ve got there

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    Thanks for the kind words :blush:

    Your welcome. Have you seen my collection post??

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    Yupp I just did, I gotta say you got a fairly nice collection, I really dig that Notifier LNG-1 (I think it’s the correct model #? Not sure), IMHO I think it’s one of my favorite pull stations :slight_smile:

    Yeah. There pretty rare

    Speaking of rare pulls/call points, I have these too:

    The topmost call point, a Job-Detectomat DM3000 is itself extremely rare in my country, let alone this version with the markings, alas, it’s of no use to me as it’s addressable but regardless it’s still a pretty cool and unique looking MCP.

    The call point in the bottom left is a Fare BMY2, they’re not rare by themselves but this one (rebadged by AMI2S which is a now-defunct fire safety system integrator) isn’t very common, I had the reset key for this one but it had two pins broken off.

    And the bottom right one, a Fare DMCL05F, one of the 5 (now 3 as I’m going to trade two to a friend in exchange for some smoke detectors), they’re relatively common, the early ones had a fault where the membrane was held in place by the yellow tab that goes up when the call point is activated.

    Just for good measure here they all are activated (the DMCL05F and DM3000 have LEDs on them too):

    Detail on the DMC3000, it’s hard to tell if it’s activated or not (or well, I suppose if I had the proper panel, the LED would be lit up, indicating that it’s activated):

    I initially thought of removing the addressable module from the DMC3000, but it turns out that, the address logic is an integral part of the call point’s mechanism, not a module that got tacked on a existing conventional mechanism like on some addressable pull stations.

    Those are some cool callpoints.

    Thanks, and there’s more I haven’t yet took pictures of, I’ve got some other call points a friend is going to send my way, ones that are rather special, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise yet. (it’s only a matter of time)

    I’ve added some better pictures of my Alpha S2/6 FACP, I’m hoping to fully wire it up soon-ish, I just need to find some cables in my box of parts.

    Kinda like a variation of J-SAP-JBF-301/P call point, a legacy product of Jade Bird Fire Co.,Ltd. The “house on fire” sign and the activating mechanism is of high similarity.

    I wonder if the company that manufactured these also made them for other companies such as Job Detectomat… Mine is a bit odd in the sense that it was OEM’d for Aviss Sécurité, although it doesn’t seem that Aviss sold these for very long considering that these call points are extremely hard to find.

    Little update on the mystery Klaxalarm sounder, I took a better look at it and found this molded on the case:

    I’ve edited my post accordingly. Unfortunately searching “Klaxon HP12” doesn’t give any relevant results.

    It seems that I’ve got a tendency to stumble upon obscure fire alarms lol


    Well it happened again… I’m now the owner of a 1991 Wheelock 7200T-24, a run of the mill one, for it’s age, it’s in very nice condition. Not a scuff just some very light paint chipping on the lower left corner and some paint marks.


    Dang dude. That is a nice 7002.

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