Allegheny General Hospital FA Pics

I had posted these photos a while ago on the old forum, but figured I’d put them up again since they were deleted. These are from a massive hospital in my area with a pretty interesting system. I’ve gotten a good percentage of my collection from here.

The main South Tower system is a multi-node conventional/addressable Honeywell FS90 installed around 1993-1994.

The majority of the alarms in the South Tower are these: addressable S464A’s and Wheelock vandal-proof speaker/strobes.

The South Tower was built in 1936 and some of it’s original Holtzer-Cabot coded system is still intact. This panel was eventually removed a few years ago.

Snyder Pavilion was built in 1981. These are the original alarms: Honeywell-rebranded Atlas speakers and Space Age V33 lights.

The pathology center has a Couch zone coded system installed around 1968-1969 with non-coded pulls and 10" bells behind grilles.

The Cancer Center has a Honeywell XLS-series (rebranded EST) system with wall-mount Integrity strobes and ceiling-mount speakers.

General signaling alarms in the Cancer Center.

One of the parking garages has S464A pulls and Honeywell-rebranded 34T horns.

The other garage has S464A’s and Wheelock MT’s mounted sideways.

This little setup is in the office of the electrician who kindly gave me 20+ alarms that had been uninstalled during renovations.

Great pictures! It’s probably the most diverse and unique system that I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

Is there a purpose for the setup in the last picture?

I think it was just a mess-around board. He also had a nicer-looking demo setup used to train new employees on the different types of alarms in the building, but I don’t have a picture of it.

That horn in the last picture. Is that a 9806?

Yes, but it was rebranded by Pyrotronics (Federal Signal 450D).

Why were the MTs sideways? If they wanted the strobe vertical, why didn’t they just use an old MT?

I read a while back that hospitals cannot buy on ebay, and Wheelock discontinued the older MT’s.

I don’t know why they’re sideways. I also saw an ET70 and RSS like that, which is kind of understandable since the front cover plate is added after the alarms are mounted, and it would be easy to install them sideways if you weren’t paying attention to the “TOP” marker. But with an MT, who knows. Maybe the installer was hung over.

Honeywell’s building controls division is a do-all company like Simplex. They manufacture the panels, install, and service them. Although there’s nothing stopping a hospital from purchasing fire alarms on eBay, Honeywell isn’t going to supply their customers with used or obsolete components.