Alrtight, Who's sick of winter?

So, yesterday was the first day of spring, and it was quite warm here in MD where I live. Today it actually got up to 71°, so I even got to fire up my fans for the first time in a while. BUT, I just looked on the weather forecast, and it says that on Tuesday, it’s supposed to snow. I have to tell you first, I now hate snow. I am soooo sick of all this cold and snow we’ve been having and I hope this snowstorm just passes us by. Is it cold or warm where you live? And are you also sick of this long long loooooong winter?

Indeed, up here in CT it sucks pretty badly too. The last few years have been pretty screwy. Right after Christmas of 2010 and through February of 2011, we received a relentless series of storms that caused a good 6+ feet of snow to build up. We had a snowstorm on Halloween of 2011 and then nothing through 2012. The one storm in 2013 dumped a large mass of snow greater than three feet throughout the state. It was highest in my town, reaching an astounding bitch-to-shovel forty inches- from one storm! Then this year, we just happened to get several large snowfalls, kind of like 2011 but spread out so they didn’t pile up. Sadly, I think that with global warming increasing ocean evaporation and nudging the jet stream, this may just be the status quo for a while.

It’s been freezing here. It’s still snowing up at my sister’s school in upstate New York. I swear this winter’s being going on forever.

Come on down to California; where the heat never leaves! :wink:


Seriously, send us some of that rain and snow; WE NEED IT!

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