An Important Message (R.I.P)

Hello everyone. Last night I was given the sad news that Brad Corey (Retired STR-SG) had passed away on June 8th. I was informed by a family member of his because I sent my 4010 board to him to get fixed and they responded to my email about it last night. Brad was such a smart guy. He helped me and a lot of us with our simplex troubles, and knew all the ins and outs of simplex panels. He would give you the shirt off of his back if he could. Let’s all just take a moment to think about him in our prayers. As for my 4010, another family member will be returning it at a later date, but due to the circumstances I will not get upset if things change.

Respond by sharing your great stories of how he helped you out.

R.I.P Brad Corey 1949-2020

He was a great person indeed, this is very sad to hear, prayers to his family, RIP Brad Corey (Retired STR-SG)

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I found his obituary if anyone is interested: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ey-9217374”>Brad Corey Obituary - Bartlett, TN</LINK_TEXT>

R.I.P. Brad, your kindness and intelligence will forever be remembered on this forum… My prayers goes to his family…

We’ve gone ahead and given him a unique “Memorial” tag. His posts will remain on the forum.

I’m saddened to hear these news. Mr. Corey was a gem to this community and his departure will leave a void.

The quality of his contributions was remarkable; his unparalleled level of technical knowledge and practical experience along with his eagerness to help other members with detailed explanations (typically within a few hours of a question being posted) were invaluable to these forums.

R.I.P. Brad. You’ll always be remembered for all the help you’ve given.

I’ve been holding off on saying much, but Brad really was a fantastic community mentor. His information was always solid and he always seemed to know the answer. That’s a testament to his 40 years at Simplex Time Recorder/SimplexGrinnell.

I only wish I was able to work with him more, as I only became a moderator shortly before his passing. I know others, like Andrew, Destin, Jared, and Nick, all have fond memories working with him. He helped keep TFP running smoothly when the other moderators were busy with other engagements.

I certainly cannot thank him enough. He will be greatly missed.

Thank you, Brad, from the bottom of my heart.

R.I.P. Brad, amazing that he was at Simplex for over 40 years. Have remembered seeing him on here as far back to the time this was known as the Schumin Web Forums. Will miss all his great advice and tips, he definitely knew his stuff.