An uncommon Duo

Spotted this at Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)

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Very odd if you ask me considering those brands are not only rivals/competitors but that they usually only install their devices on their systems, no others. Is that building’s service company both an Edwards & Notifier dealer? (which is the only explanation for that setup I can think of, though since System Sensor now makes LED NAs too I don’t know why they couldn’t have used those instead of Edward’s (unless the system was put in prior to the introduction of the LED L-series).

that dector is Honeywell branded, the panel could possibly be an XLS3000 and a Honeywell branded EST3. These definitely are some of the newest devices on the system because, I’ve seen some Zenon Genesis paired with these. the most common pulls are these and Honeywell branded BG-12s. But, even stranger is I’ve seen a few of These. And in one of the terminals (I forgot which one) you can see some Zenon Genesis strobes with System Sensor Spectra Alert speakers next to them. And just to top it off, there are some Wheelock devices in the restrooms.

Altogether a very strange system indeed from the sound of it…

The Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport (LAS) has a Honeywell XLS-1000 system, with mostly older xenon strobe genesis speaker strobes, and 851 style detectors marked “Honeywell”. The only pull station I saw was a Honeywell S464A style pull station, most likely with a module or an addressable variant. There was a XLS-1000 (EST 3) annunciator by the Hertz exit in the airport. my best guess is they stopped making the xenon genesis and 851 style of detectors, so they replaced them with the newer versions (LED genesis, and 951 style detectors).

Oh yeah, didn’t think of that: Honeywell both owns Notifier & has also sometimes rebranded products from Edwards (though I don’t think they do anymore which makes the presence of current-era LED Genesis NAs in an otherwise all-Honeywell system odd).

Intresting, I would have never known that Honeywell branded Notifier detectors worked on the XLS-1000, Is there a special card or module that lets you do that?

Do you know that this is a Notifier detector? As far as I know, there is no way to tell the brand of these 951 style detectors other then removing them from the base, and checking the label. All of the Honeywell brands use this style of detector. I do believe that there is a module on the XLS-1000 panel that allows the panel to use CLIP devices, and a separate module or card that allows you to use EST SIGA devices on the system.

Do you know that this is a Notifier detector?

No, I don’t. That was a mistake on my end (every time I see 851 my brain thinks Notifier.

You’re all good, I also think Notifier when I see these detectors.