Analog Watch Date Problem

[size=85]Once again, I tried doing a search on Google as well as Yahoo! Answers, but couldn’t find a solution.[/size]

Last month, I’ve ordered a Timex analog watch, and up until today (December 1), the date indicator read “SUN 31”, rather than reading “SUN 1”.

If anyone here reading this has an analog watch (or once had one) with a date indicator, is there a trick of some sort to get it to display the correct date and day of the week?

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On second thought, I’ll probably be better off buying a different watch with just the date indicator (not showing the day of the week).

You probably have to pull out the time set knob partway.

I own a Timex watch that has the date feature, but it just has the day of the week and not the year. You should be able to modify both the number date and the day of the week by pulling out the pin partway, as Prog suggested.

Have you tried looking for the manual for your watch or contacting Timex directly? Here’s a link for the manuals and other customer support resources: Watch Instructions & Manuals | Timex