Annuciator for Silent Knight SK-4?

Are there any annuciators that can be used on the Silent Knight SK-4?

As far as I know there are no annunciators for the SK-4, which is just a rebranded Fire-Lite MS-4, & that I know doesn’t have an annunciator (both are meant for small applications where you wouldn’t need an annunciator).

I just found a PDF from Honeywell for the SK-4 that has a list of accessories for it including a remote annuciator. It’s called the SK-RZA4.

Oh, I guess the SK-4 (& by extension the MS-4) is considered big enough to have an optional annunciator: I was going by the MS-2 which I know doesn’t have one.

Also, what conventional smoke/heat detectors can be used with it?

I guess you could use system sensor 2400’s

Thank you for answering my questions!

You’re most welcome! :smiley: