What are all the annunciators that are compatible with the NFS2-3030?

some are the lcd160, nca-2

Based on datasheets and manuals…

ACM-48A **

** Also includes their expanders and “fixed” variants (i.e. AFM-16AT)
^ CPU2-3030 firmware version 14.0 (and higher) can support LCD-160 on the RDP port, or LCD2-80 in terminal mode, but not both at the same time.

oh, I thought I read somewhere that you can connect a N-ANN-80 and an FDU-80 to the 3030.

N-ANN-80 definitely no, since that’s meant for the FireLite rebrand panels (i.e. NFW2-100, SFP-10UD, etc.). FDU-80 has the NFS2-640 as a supported device, so maybe for the 3030? No guarantees though.

Are there any annunciators compatible with the MS4? I may get a Silent Knight SK-4 (MS-4 Rebrand) and want to see if there’s any annunciators out there or an ANN-Bus Piece you can attach to the panel.

I could be wrong but I think the Fire Lite RZA-5F works with the MS-4

The MS4 (and rebrands) use the RZA4 annunciator. You need to have the 4XLM LED interface module in order to use the annunciator.