Any way to get access to

Is there any way I could get acsess to the voice files that are on this website? I know that you can no longer register for this website but as a owner of two voice evac panels I would be interested in having a look. I’m mainly looking for some of the Notifier Onyx messages as well as any lockdown messages.

Is this for a hobbyist system or an active system protecting life and/or property?

Well, both kind of. I have a FireLite ACC-25/50 serving as a life safety home system. Then I have a wheelock safepath on a demo board.

Try sending a PM to Destin.

Which messages are you looking for? I am a member of his site so I might be able to find the ones you’re looking for. However, I think the ONIX messages are in bits and pieces, meaning you’d have to assemble the entire message in an audio editor like Audacity.

I got a private link to the files already. I’m all set now.

Lots of them here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … sages.aspx”>Voice Messages</LINK_TEXT>

By popular request, I just made the voice files and vintage catalogs on my site public. Those files aren’t a big risk for getting cease and desist orders, so I figured I might as well make them available to everyone. Have fun!