Anybody Know What Pull Station This Is?

I was at a hotel yesterday, and I saw a pull station that I don’t think I’ve really ever seen before, and I was just wondering if anybody knew it’s model number or had any pictures:

It looked a little like a BG-8 except it was double action. There was a part on top that said “Press” and then the “Pull” part underneath it. Notifier was written at the bottom. It’s general shape was a box with smooth corners.

Because I know I’m not being that descriptive, here is a sketch of it:

I do believe these are what you’re referring to. They are known as the LNG series.

Thanks, that was what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I have one of those. For some reason I couldn’t quite picture it at first.

in the southeast, the only places i’ve seen that are walgreens and cvs with commander signals. the national zoo in DC does have a couple buildings with those pulls rebranded by “world electronics”

while we’re on this pull identification subject, i have one… it is similar to the Johnson controls pull that looks like a simply much older version of this pull station, however, it was single action. i saw it used with ceiling mounted wheelock 34 horns with projectors. i don’t believe they were labeled by a company, and they read “pull for fire” like a siga…