Anyone else here like robotics and is on a robotics team?

I am a big fan of robotics and have been on a robotics team since i was in Elementary school and this is my final year of high school.

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I think it’s cool that people are getting introduced to robotics earlier and earlier! Makes me think that in a few years we’ll be in a world like Mega Man, what with all the AI and robotics exploding in popularity and capability.

I wanted to join my high school’s robotics team, as a freshman in high school, but once I discovered that the club meetings and FIRST competitions would greatly interfere with marching band, I decided not to join. Wish I did though, probably would’ve given me a lot of good Python (or more likely at the time, Java) scripting practice.


I was on the robotics team, but I got removed for going around some security settings on the laptops we used.

I love getting to travle, we get to see new things when we are not doing robotics stuff

Yeah, I program in python. I have made a Minecraft clone with it to demonstrate its capabilities.

I find robots & technology in general cool, but the only real robotics I’ve ever actually tinkered with myself would be LEGO’s “Mindstorms” line: I started with the Robotics Invention System (or “RCX era”), courtesy of a kit a relative of mine gave me, then NXT 2.0, then EV3 retail. Nowdays I don’t really do anything with them though (still holding onto them however just in case).

I take a robotics elective, the class is only for 8th graders, and it should help tremendously in learning to code. I plan of following this course in high school.

I took an electronics/robotics course back in high school, was pretty fun; awesome teacher. Lots of hands on stuff involving electronics. I think it helped a lot when I began to work with fire alarm panels and such.

I was in a beginner robotics club in 3rd grade, but the teacher shut it down mid quarter. I haven’t messed with robotics since then, but I do code some programs for my youtube videos. In fact, I am coding a virtual fire alarm system.