Anyone has experience with installing IP communicator - IPDACT-2UD

I got a non-profit site I’m help with Fire Panel - IFP-100 and trying to convert over to Silent Knight IP communicator - IPDACT-2UD
per doc

I was working with the front line monitoring tech and they give me all the parameters except for Autoregister password

Per doc, this is required. Anyone has any luck with getting Cintas to get a password? Tech said that it’s not needed. We just go back/forth with this. I believe this is needed to get the IPDACT-2UD module registered on the backend. Does any one know if Cintas even use this appliance? VisorALARM_Manager


I would argue back, point them to the docs and say “no, the password is required, see here…” until they provide it, and escalate support if needed. That’s pretty frustrating.