Anyone have any knowledge on the Kidde Lifesaver series? Or any smoke alarms in Lifesaver?

If you haven’t already found out, I joined this community for one reason: to find new smoke alarms to replace my current alarms.
This is what they all look like:
On the back, it says that it’s a “Lifesaver Smoke Alarm Model 1275”
Does anyone have any of the smoke alarms in the LifeSaver series?
Does anyone know about the LifeSaver series?

I happen to have one of those that I got from a friends’ house, only mine’s lacking the AC connector. I thought all your questions were already answered on the other topic you started about this, & I already outlined some replacement alarms you could buy to replace these: First Alert/BRK’s 3120B & SA320/SA320B/SA320CN, as well as Kidde’s PI2010 & PI9010.

When it comes to the Lifesaver brand, I think it was once its’ own company/brand, possibly related to Fyrnetics, then I guess at some point Kidde acquired them & then eventually stopped using the name.

Well, while going through Google, I found this image of an i9070 in a package, but in the background it says “Lifesaver”. I think this might be in the Lifesaver series.

I guess so, but those are ionization-only, as you can also see on the packaging. Refer to my above reply for the ones I think you should get for the best possible protection.

Yes, I know. I’m not asking for which is best, I’m just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the Lifesaver series.

I don’t really, in terms of when Kidde started using the name, when they stopped using it (if they ever did), what models are part of that series, etc.