Anyone here believe in ghosts and/or other paranormal stuff?

Does anyone here believe in or have interest in ghosts and stuff like that? Also, if anyone has had any experiences they can’t explain, I’d be intrigued to hear your stories.

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Hi, I know I’m late on this.
Yes, I believe in paranormal and ghost stuff…
According to my mother, she woke up in the middle of the night with the hair on the back of her neck literally standing up… and she couldn’t focus her eyes away from the door to her room.
I’ve also had an experience that I know all too well…
This one is a bit weird, and it might not even be paranormal.
I’m in my room playing games with my friends like CS:GO, and my gun, my airsoft gun I have in my room, just randomly falls from my drawer.
It wasn’t even close to the edge. It just fell.
There are a few other experiences where my eyes were just locked on things for some reason, or like when I feel something cold touch me.

No, but last night I was in the kitchen at one in the morning (basically pitch black), and I heard the DVD drive in my mom’s laptop on the table reinitialize. It was pretty creepy.

I’ve never experienced anything I’d consider “paranormal”, but my dad is convinced the school he worked at for upwards of 20 years was haunted.

He was a vice principal, so on the days where he’d have to stay behind for basketball or football or volleyball games, he would be in charge of locking up and setting the burglar alarm for the night. Occasionally, the lights would turn on or off (even though he was the only person in the building; the custodians had already left), or he’d hear footsteps across the empty hallway, or when he’d go down to the burglar alarm the system wouldn’t let him arm it because a motion detector went off. Again, he would be the only person in the building.

I used to not to belive in these things, but after experiencing them a few times… You could say I belive it now.

Sometimes when I’m in my room, I can see some kind of “flashes” of light briefly (for like a split second or so) right behind me, I don’t have anything that can make such brief flashes (such as a strobe or something else, I used to have a stroboscopic projector but even that it would flash quite fast multiple times and not only one time like those flashes I’ve seen)… I’m starting to slowly think that it’s our hause that’s haunted, the sky outside is clear (so it can’t be the weather), and given our house we live in is quite old (built somewhere in the 1800s), that’s a hypothesis I’m starting to really lean towards.

Either way, paranormal stuff really fascinates me in a way, I’ve always been a curious person, and whenever I get the curiosity itch, I have to scratch this itch and find out more about the subject that sparked my curiosity.

Sometimes, I hear creaking noises (which my father always chalked up to the wood creaking with the temperature changing), it can’t be a critter since I hear those noises in the living room (on the ground floor), my mom also hears those noises too, and it’s driving the two of us nuts.

So maybe our house is haunted, maybe it isn’t… I don’t know, but to me now it’s normal, I don’t even notice these anymore.

And that’s still relatively tame compared to other stories I’ve heard.