Anyone here know how to wire up a Elk Voice Siren?

I recently got Elk ELK-75 self-contained voice siren, and I wanted to wire it up to my Vista 20P.

Does anyone here know how to wire up a Elk voice siren?


You need a siren driver. One can be found here from ELK:

It can support more that one too.

I don’t think so. He said it’s self contained find out which terminal is the common (normally the furthest right or left in the group of 4) and try all of the other inputs in that group

It looks like you connect the BA + and - to the bell output

The 12v spot is positive and the NEG spot is negative but i’m not sure what the others would be hooked to.

It has the module (V4) built-in.

Someone told me on Discord its +12V, Negative, and BA+, which it worked.

You can also use ba- and it’ll do fire if the bell circuit is pulsed the 12v common is for separate fire and burglary inputs

Yea but, this is on a Vista 20P tho. Siren output on the Vista 20P is positive, not negative.

:thinking: aren’t there two terminals?

I finally figured it out. Had to use a relay to switch the BA+ from the siren, and I hooked up the +12V positive from the siren to the positive side of the battery to avoid over current to the aux terminals on the Vista 20P.

So now the voice siren plays the fire message when the Vista 20P goes into fire alarm. Also don’t mind the messy wiring, I tried my best to neaten the wires…

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