Anyone know how old is panel is thanks

can you get a closer clearer view of the notifier sticker?

Here I zoomed in on the photo.

From the serial number, possibly September 1960. I am probably wrong, though.

Very cool find! Do you own this panel?

That’s the same model of panel that NewAgeServer posted a while back in this topic: <URL url="Unknown (possibly rare) Notifire FACP - #25 by NewAgeServer text=“viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6655&p=60441&hilit=notifier#p60441”>Unknown (possibly rare) Notifire FACP - #25 by NewAgeServer

It looks like the one Andrew posted was a newer version, due to the “Notifier Emhart” labeling on the modules. That unit had a manufacturing date of 1976, for reference. The unit in your pictures, on the other hand, still bears the older “Notifier Corporation” markings. This means it is post-1956, as the company had previously been known as Notifier Manufacturing Company, yet pre-1968: when the company was sold to Emhart.

In short, the panel was made somewhere between 1956-1968. Based on that, I’d say the date Jack gave is a close estimate, if not spot-on, especially due to that date seemingly appearing in the serial number.

Is this a panel you are looking to part with by any chance?

I agree with all of the above. Notifier has been bought/sold many times and the logo changed many times with it, so you can get a rough idea when a panel was manufactured based on the logo alone.

In 1956 Notifier moved to Lincoln, NE as the Notifier Corporation, and in 1968 it was sold Emhart Corporation, so according to the markings it was somewhere in that 56-68 range as kcin556 pointed out.